Recording The Diving Horses And Orienta Carwash

I wrapped up some lo-fi recording and mixing sessions with Bayfield peninsula locals The Diving Horses a couple weeks ago.  We used the trusty Tascam 488 mkII. All went well and an album was produced along with handmade packaging. These are not online and The Diving Horses aren’t playing gigs as of late…

After that I spent a weekend recording local Wis-country band Orienta Carwash. We lived in a yurt for two days and recorded on gear borrowed from a friend. All went well and we are in the process of mix down at this moment. The band plays often enough around these parts so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing them live. The album, titled Goin’ To Town, will be released on June 21st 8 pm at Stagenorth in Washburn. There is a $5 cover.

orienta carwash

Orienta Carwash

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