Funding Successful!

Welp, thanks to everybody who pledged, and thanks to everyone else who spread the word. This is such a huge help! 90% of the money pledged came from our local community, and what does that say about the area we live in? Amazing…

I launched “Voyageur” on March 25th at 8:46 pm at the Washburn Marina. Earlier that day, myself and a few friends lounged about in chest waders, prodding, pushing, and breaking the ice up at the ramp. Chequamegon Bay has been ice free for a couple weeks, and that open water was just too tempting. Please take note of the fact that it is extremely unusual to be able to launch a boat before April, the last two seasons I didn’t launch until April 22nd.

Months of hard work have paid off, all of the modifications and preparations I’ve made to the boat have worked perfectly. My hands don’t usually feel this calloused and sore until after the busy season at the bike shop. Now it’s down to the details of what food to bring, how much, what books, and getting my “sea legs” back.

My departure date is set for April 21st. I’m sure I will see some of you before then. I’ll be posting occasional updates during the journey here.

Thanks so much for your support!


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