Kickstarter Fundraiser!

I’m raising funds in support of my next big project, documenting Lake Superior. I’ll be spending 4-6 months out on the lake aboard my sailboat “Voyageur”, doing my best to document the lake by using field recordings, writing, music, and video.
Visit my Kickstarter project to help support me, and to find out more information about the project.  If you have never used Kickstarter before, here is how it works: It’s all or nothing, if I don’t reach my goal I won’t get any of the funding, but if I reach the goal, or go over, I get the funding. If you chose to pledge to the project, and I reach my goal ($1,000), you’ll receive cool gifts based on the amount you pledge (listed @ Kickstarter).  Thanks!

Documenting Lake Superior from Marlin Ledin on Vimeo.

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