3 Months Of Tucson In 6 Minutes

3 Months Of Tucson In 6 Minutes is a sound collage from my stay in Tucson, AZ. during the winter of 2010-11. Random bits abound, slightly eerie, indeed. Most of these recordings were done with the recorder concealed in my coat.Visit 3 Months Of Tucson In 6 Minutes under the Field Recordings tab to find out more information.

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Lake Sounds vol. I

Lake Sounds vol. I, a collection of field recordings from Lake Superiors Apostle Islands, is now available. Tracks one through three were made during a week long camping trip during the winter of 2009. By using an ice auger to drill holes in the ice, and then lowering my hydrophone below the surface of the ice, I was able to capture the unique sounds of the shifting ice. Track four is of a typical summer storm, captured from my twenty foot sailboat “Voyageur”. Visit the Lake Sounds vol. I  page, under the Field Recordings tab, to hear samples of these recordings, and to find out more information.

Cd’s are $10 and come in handmade (sewn together recycled paper, stencils, and liner notes) packaging. To order, Email me at smallboatvoyageur@gmail.com

Lake Drums