Ice Sounds: Lake Superior

It has been my goal of mine to record audio of the ice sounds of Lake Superior for half my life. Over the next two winter seasons, I will yet again attempt to record these precious ice sounds. This time I aim to get results that are definitive, hi resolution stereo recordings, mastered and mixed properly, and released.

When I first imagined this idea, climate change and the global warming crisis were the motivating factor. They still are my main motivators, but coming up on the ten year anniversary of my first ice recordings, and reflecting on those last ten years and how little has actually been done to address climate change, has only added an edge of urgency.

In this new attempt, I have purchased new recording equipment. Now, the technology that I desired ten years ago but was unable to afford, has become attainable. My experience in music production has gifted me the fortune of having a complete recording studio and mastering facility at my finger tips. I have bought the recording equipment, I have the experience. Fram.

Past expedition sponsors have included Surly Bikes, Peace Coffee, Hammer Nutrition, Revelate Designs LLC. Additional support from Wisconsin Public Radio.

An article I wrote for Superior Outdoors Magazine about my first Ice Sounds expedition can be found here: A Sound Expedition

A superb photo journal of my second Ice Sounds expedition by photographer/adventurer Larry Mishkar can be found here: Expedition Apostle Islands

Gear for current expedition: 2 Aquarian Audio H2a-xlr hydrophones, matched pair Rode NT5, Sound Devices Mixpre 6, Pelican 1430, AKG c1000s, Thrift store skis, home made pulk, Surly Pugsley with Epic designs frame bag.