Music is dear to me, and I try to write about what I know.  Simple music for simple people is my only goal. In the streets and trails, I see the form of my music, in peoples words the lyrics, in the wilderness the timbres, and through our daily shuffle, the rhythm.  My heart is on a thread, and I must follow. – Marlin, Salmo, WI. 2016

My music has been featured on WPR and MPR, including Simply Folk, Wisconsin Life, and The Local Show on The Current. My 2012 release “Lake Sounds” has been sampled by various musicians. I studied at the now defunct Mcnally Smith College of Music in 2003 (drop out). I work at The Weight Room Recording Studio in Washburn, WI.

” …the Ledin collection establishes him as a folk artist with a real ear for production and arrangement, and an identity that feels lived-in.” – Duluth News Tribune

“As if walking on a moss-covered foot path, Ledin gently thumps a foot drum to accompany his finely crafted lyrics, embroidered guitar playing and silken voice.” – The County Journal

“… his self-titled release has a much more polished feel though at the heart it remains a kind of thrumming, meditative poetry that only comes from long periods of time in the woods and on the lake.” – SEVEN Magazine