Music is dear to me, and I try to write about what I know.  Simple music for simple people is my only goal.

Creativity is paramount.  I believe there is a war on creativity.  Without creativity, can there be imagination? And without imagination, can we imagine a better world?  To create with care and purpose, with drive, conviction and patience… is to push back against the system of oppression.  “Art is the universe expressing itself” is a saying that gets thrown around often in our circle (Thank you Ryan!).  I strongly accept this idea.

My new batch of songs takes these ideas and presents them to you in the form of music. Interpret them as you please, please. They are delicate and intricately arranged, yet simple as a windblown beach.  Lyrics from authors, myself, friends, words muttered in passing strangers in the city, imagined vowels of the boreal pines. Seven songs is short, yes, but I did my best with my limited resources and strong support, so seven is what you get, and seven is perhaps all you need. Hmmm…. what else….

I attended a music school in the twin-cities out of high school, but I dropped out as it was costing me my creativity.  The “practicing” gave me horrendous tendonitis and I took two years off of music.  This experience made me question why I play music at all.

I do not practice anymore.  I just want to make good music, with good people, who care.  Just a simple fostering of our little art scene up here in Northern Wisconsin makes me happy.  Maybe I’ll hit the road and meet some new friends. Maybe I’ll stay home and catch another sunrise.

In the streets and trails, I see the form of my music, in peoples words the lyrics, in the wilderness the timbres, and through our daily shuffle, the rhythm.  My heart is on a thread, and I must follow.