I try to find the crossroads where people, the wilderness, and music greet one another. 

Music is dear to me, and I try to write about what I know. Simple music for simple people is my only goal.

Creativity is paramount.

Live I am often joined by Dane Hauser on percussion and backing vocals. We have been making music together since the beginning, 20 years ago, and have never stopped. 

I attended a music school in the twin-cities out of high school, but I dropped out as it was expensive and was costing me my creativity. The “practicing” gave me horrendous tendonitis and I took two years off of music. This experience made me question why I play music at all. 

I do not practice anymore. 

I really don’t know what practice is. In the streets and trails, I see the form of my music, in peoples words the lyrics, in the wilderness the timbres, and through our daily shuffle, the rhythm. My heart is on a thread, and I must follow.